Tournament Series

Tournament Series

The net collapses down to only 31″x20″, making it the perfect net for bass boats, kayaks, canoes, or any other type of fishing.

Spend more time fishing and less time removing tangled hooks and fish. These special nets have many of the qualities of a rubber net without the extra weight! They also make the perfect catch-and-release net!

The fish will calmly lay across the bottom while you remove the hook. The net features a knotless, hook-free rubber coated nylon flat bottom net. It has 3/4″ holes that create very little resistance in the water.

Heavy-duty octagon handles automatically line up for quick extension and slide up into the hoop for easy storage.

All hoops are made of heavy 5/8″ aluminum with reinforcements at all critical stress points. All handles and hoops are anodized black.

Optional Handles

• One-piece handles up to 6′ in length (add desired length after model number)
• Two-piece telescopic handles in 8′ and 12′ lengths (add ‘T’ and length after model number)

True Blue Tournament Series



Custom Engraving (Tournament Series only, black or blue)

True Blue Heavy Duty Tournament Series